Update – New Website + ‘Debris’ Collection

Just thought I would write an update on what’s going on with noisecreations at the moment. Me and Phil have been very busy recently with the end of year 2 at university, as well as many other projects, but we are looking to get things back on track in the coming months.

We are currently having our website updated, which we hope to launch next week. Here is a little preview of the new front page:




Whilst this was being updated, we also made plans and gathered some resources for our next sound collection, ‘Debris’. We’re really looking forward to starting production on this project, as we can utilise our gained knowledge and feedback from our last collection to make this one even better.

Once production has started, we will post another update with our ideas for the collection, which we could hopefully improve with some of your suggestions!

If you have any suggestions for us now, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@noisecreations.co.uk




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